Glyph x Sam Kolder Collab

Glyph x Sam Kolder Collab

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Glyph x Sam Kolder Collab

At Glyph,  we do our best to keep a pulse on the creative community. We've always been fortunate to have a strong presence with creators at the highest level, from studio audio engineers, to television producers and some of the best online content creators. We see what they are doing, and want to highlight some of the true industry leaders that we are lucky to have in the Glyph community.

Sam Kolder has been using Glyph drives for years, and after connecting recently, it was an easy decision to collaborate. Sam is genuine and deeply creative, and collaboration is important to us. 

After all, Glyph would not be what it is today without the support of our community. Sam put together a great video featuring "10 Video Editing Tips" (embedded at the end of this post) that he wished he knew sooner. We've summarized a few of our key takeaways below, but watch the full video for more!

Sam Kolder Working on his Laptop

Key Takeaways from Sam Kolder’s Video

Here’s a quick look at some of the tips from Sam’s video, but if you want the inside scoop on all ten tips, you can check out the Glyph x Sam Kolder video collab! 

Get to Know Your Software

Programs like DaVinci Resolve are loaded with tons of features, but so are some programs you might have overlooked. 

Sam showed us some cool tricks we would have never considered with Finder, his desktop, and even how he names files. These tips will unlock the full potential of programs you use every day.

Make Key Upgrades

The tech you use to edit videos can make your life easier, but using the wrong gear can hold you back.

In Sam’s video, he talks about the most essential upgrades he’s made—including his switch to Glyph SSDs. You might be able to guess a few of them, but Sam’s got a few suggestions that are out of left field. We’ve been sharing those tips with every video editor we know! 

Improve Your Workflow

Sam Kolder is one of the best videographers out there and he showed us the most efficient workflow hacks he knew! 

Sam’s workflow hacks covered everything from tips on using virtual desktops to his time-saving approach to custom keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve been making do with your default workflow and settings, Sam’s video has essential tips that will save you time. 

Take Your Video Editing to a New Level 

These 10 video editing tips from Sam Kolder are going to take your skills to the next level.

The easiest upgrade to make is to switch to editing on solid state drives. You can pick up tech that will help your video editing, like a Glyph solid state drive or a gaming mouse, today and simplify the productivity of your workflow.

Let us know which of these tips surprised you the most and drop your video editing tips in the comments. 

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